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#I LOTR Prerelease - Sunday 2PM

#I LOTR Prerelease - Sunday 2PM

Out Of Stock

$30.00 Cannot be sold internationally.


Please read the following below:

Limited seating.

Versus Games.

Sunday June 18th

Entry Fee
Member: $25
(Members please call for special pricing.)
Non-Member: $30
Day of Event: $35

Each Set Includes:

Prize Payout:
3-0 : 4 “SET” pack of LOTR
2-0-1 : 3 “SET” pack of LOTR
2-1 : 2 “SET” pack of LOTR
Everyone else will get 1 “SET” pack of LOTR participation pack. You must participate in order to receive your packs.

Event Notes:

Lands will be provided free of charge. We only ask that the land is returned at the end of the event.

MTG Companion
Please Down MTG Companion at the App Store for free. It is required to enter into this event.
This App will provide your pairings, Event timer and result submissions.

Refunds we be provided in store credit only.


Covid Precautions
Masks are required.

Extra Info

Extra info coming soon for this product.

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