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Game Day - Streets of New Capenna

Game Day - Streets of New Capenna

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Join us on Saturday, May 14th for Streets of new Capenna Game Day!
Members: $20
Non-Members: $25
Format: Sealed
Everyone will get six packs of New Capenna to build a 40 Card deck from.
Time: 12PM
Prize Payout:
Pack Per Win.

1st: Promo All-Seeing Arbiter, Promo Skyclave Apparition,
2nd and 8th: Promo Skyclave Apparition, 
All players will receive a Participation Promo Power Word Kill

Casual Rel.
Vaccination is required.
Players must have their final Vaccination shot 2 weeks prior to the event date.
Digital Image of Vaccine is acceptable.
Digital vaccine record issued by the state of California.
Approved digital vaccine cards:
CLEAR HealthPass
Masks are required.

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